Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS

Wonderful information in a clear, readable, and user-friendly form. Living Wellness is great for people who are confused by all the conflicting theories and just want a clear, easy-to-understand guidebook to better health.

Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNSaka “The Rogue Nutritionist”(™) best-selling author of The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, Living Low Carb, and The Great Cholesterol Myth
Carole Joy Seid

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Living Wellness. I highly recommend it to those desiring to make a minor or major change in their wellness. Living Wellness is well researched, balanced, simple to understand, and a great tool for individuals and families serious about improving their health.

Carole Joy SeidMA in education, speaker and consultant for home educators
Dr. Mark Virkler

Great book! Living Wellness will give you many ideas and great motivation to get healthy from the inside out. I am sure you will pick up several ideas from this book, even if you are a well-seasoned reader in the areas of health and weight loss. The ideas are attractively presented with pictures, charts, and graphs, making it easy and interesting to read. Read it and see if your health doesn’t improve! Excellent work Ashley Darkenwald.

Dr. Mark VirklerPresident of Christian Leadership University
Kristine Haertl

I am pleased to see a holistic approach in Living Wellness to health and fitness that includes nutrition, wellness, exercise, and a faith-based foundation. Such a combination breathes fuel for the mind, body, and soul.

Kristine HaertlPhD, OTR/L, FAOTA, Author, Professor
Bjorn Dixon

In a world that shifts like sand, Living Wellness is something to stand on. Ashley Darkenwald speaks to your body, mind, and soul. She speaks to wholeness and health. Open these pages and you will be inspired from head to toe to heart!

Bjorn DixonPastor, the WHY Church in Elk River, MN
Dr. Daniel T. Chow, MD

As a provider of healthcare for women, I encourage my patients to read Living Wellness. Specifically, the information on osteoporosis and its prevention is accurate, thorough, and insightful. Living Wellness is a “must-have” for one who seeks a lifestyle of health and wellness!

Dr. Daniel T. Chow, MD
Shannon Immer

As a marathon runner and fitness enthusiast, Living Wellness gives me the tools to make better decisions for my family and me.

Shannon Immer InFIT Director
Joseph Banack

The InFIT approach to training and attaining fitness goals is unique and so were my results. In a matter of months, I had an understanding of why I had hit a plateau, retooled my workouts, documented a roadmap to reach my goals, and then drove accountability to follow that plan. I just turned 42 years old and with Ashley Darkenwald’s help, did so in the best shape of my life.

Joseph Banackage 42, Global Account Manager
Steve Fessler

There are very few readings that will inspire, energize, and transform one’s mindset like what Ashley Darkenwald has put together in Living Wellness. Not only will you have an opportunity to change your path in life, but you will also have the answers on how to overcome personal challenges laid out in a variety of ways to be successful. We all need inspiration at times and ways to reach heights often difficult to achieve; Ashley has designed a way to be successful for all walks of life. The professional with time restraints can follow many of the ideas in the readings, not only for self-improvement, but also for a path to gain self-confidence in a tough business environment. Finally, for the person looking for consistent motivation, commit to a day or two every week of reading the Living Wellness and you will find a path of positive opportunities for a lifetime. This is a multiple MUST read journey!

Steve FesslerPGA Professional
Kari Dwinnell

During my third pregnancy, I decided once the baby was born I needed to try a personal training program. I enjoyed running for over ten years (ran three marathons), but it wasn’t getting me to where I wanted to be physically. I was looking for a trainer who would push me to my limits, and a few people I knew mentioned Ashley Darkenwald. I started training with Ashley using the InFIT approach when my baby was two months old and trained one-to-one with her for the better part of a year. I lost 6 inches around my belly button, lost over 24 pounds of body fat, and dropped from a size 6 to a size 0. Ashley not only taught me how to train properly, she taught me about nutrition and encouraged me to continue to push myself–I have kept the inches and pounds off and I am still wearing a size 0, and it has been almost three years! I have more energy to keep up with my three kids and I am healthier and stronger than ever–I have never looked or felt better!

Kari Dwinnellage 44
Alissa Henriksen

I have always been an active person, but as a business owner, life has gotten crazy. When I met Ashley Darkenwald and started training with her in 2008, I went from a size 8 to a size 4, learned some key nutrition secrets, and felt great! My life has been an adventure since then. I have started another business, gone through a merger, and became a new mother. I continue to train with Ashley to keep balance in my life. Reading Living Wellness and working with Ashley helps me stay focused on my goals and adapt them when my life circumstances change. When I
gained over 50 pounds with my pregnancy, even though it was discouraging, I knew with InFIT Workouts and Ashley’s help and support I would get back to my old self again! Her passion, commitment, knowledge, and sincere desire over the last five years have transformed my life, and I will forever be grateful!

Alissa Henriksenage 31, Co-President - CorTalent
Tim Trainor

I fly all over the country and see the variety of great foods and cuisines offered. It is nice to be able to partake in such fine culinary experiences, but it gets old. Being on the road can take a toll on a person’s mind, body, and soul. I firmly believe in this program because it gives you the education to make choices to be who you want to be. A busy lifestyle is today’s norm but integrating change in that lifestyle is a must! Try flying 100,000 miles in a year and being away from your family often. Nobody says health is ever easy but Living Wellness gives you the tools to be successful and make necessary changes. I know that if you eat better, exercise, stay hydrated, and believe in yourself, as well as participate in this book, you will see immediate results. So give yourself three minutes or three hours, whatever it takes to get yourself to the new you!

Tim Trainor Corporate Chef
Laura Lium

In 2008, I was running my own wellness program using the exercise equipment at my work and at home. My husband was frustrated with all the checks we were writing to the doctor and chiropractor so he bought some sessions with Ashley for me to learn how to exercise in moderation. What Ashley taught me using the InFIT approach is that I can exercise as hard as I want to, without hurting myself, if I exercise the right way.
As a client of Ashley’s for over five years, I am in the best shape of my life, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I feel as though the whole-health approach to wellness helped me achieve my 100 pound weight loss journey. I lost the weight 5 years ago, kept it off, and gained a new appreciation for life and health. With the guidance of Ashley and her team, I changed my life with small, consistent steps—and you can too!

Laura Liumage 42
Samantha Pfeifer

After having two children you know your body changes, but how much my body changed shocked me when I saw pictures of myself. I knew I had to make a change, for marriage and me. When you are not comfortable in your own skin it affects all aspects of your life. Then I found Ashley Darkenwald, Living Wellness and the InFIT approach. Her enthusiasm, energy, and inspiring spirit helped me to find myself healthy again. When reading together with friends, Living Wellness is a Nutrition/Fitness support group. Reading Living Wellness together or with a personal trainer offers a relaxed setting where you are encouraged to set goals and given the tools to reach those goal. You get encouragement from your peers, who not only have had the same struggles with weight loss, nutrition or working out, but also professionals who have also found a passion for helping people find the healthier versions of themselves.

Samantha PfeiferCPT, age 34
Donna and Chris Schwab

Ashley Darkenwald has transformed the way we think about food. Little by little, we have given up soda, reduced our consumption of packaged foods, balanced our salt intake, and we make smarter choices when eating out. Together we have lost over one hundred pounds! And we are not even on a diet! With guidance from Ashley and the practical knowledge in Living Wellness, we enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. Knowing Ashley on a personal level allows us to see her live out the life she teaches. We have come to ask ourselves “Is this food choice Ashley approved?” Together, we love living in the freedom that comes with exceptional health.

Donna and Chris Schwab