Introduction to Living Wellness

Achieving your health goals on your own can be a frustrating experience. There are hundreds of diet plans, exercise programs, and weight loss drugs all promising everyone the same results. And still the large majority of people participating find themselves giving up and feeling worse than when they started. The fitness industry wants to sell you a “one-size-fits-all” program that fit only a small number of people’s needs. That is why some are successful and why everyone else moves on to the next miracle program hoping it is the right fit. You are the reason why I created a new program that begins and ends with what you, as an individual, want to achieve. Not just in terms of fitness or nutrition or even motivation, but also for the whole human being wellness, which is what we all want but are hopeless to reach on our own. My name is Ashley Darkenwald. I have been working in the fitness arena for over a decade. I have seen the broken-promise-fitness-cycle repeat itself over and over. So let me introduce you to Living Wellness.

Living Wellness is Functional, integrated, raw, and motivated. You need clear goals to achieve wellness, but what the world is discovering is that it is just as important to be part of a support structure that encourages one another to fight on and become our ideal selves. I encourage you to read Living Wellness with a small group or a close friend. If you decide to make this journey with others, your group will be your foundation. Friends come along side you, celebrate your success, and pick you up if you stumble. Couple this with proven instruction, and you have a comprehensive program that cannot fail. Even if you decide to follow the guide by yourself, you still have the perfect roadmap for success.

The functional exercises in Living Wellness deliver strength from the inside out, making your whole body strong and less prone to everyday and chronic injury. Functional is not doing endless curls, leg presses, and bench presses. Yes, that makes us look better on the outside, but eventually even people with incredibly strong arms and legs will bend over to pick something up and throw their back out. InFIT workouts assist in your appearance and in your life.

Living Wellness integrates nutrition, fitness, mind, and soul all functioning together to bring you complete health and wellness. Think about integrated nutrition. How many times have you set a fantastic meal plan for yourself that hopelessly unravels the second that you find yourself on the road, at a party, or starving while getting fuel? Rigid meal plans are great if you are the kind of person who can plan for every foreseeable interference or interruption in daily routine. For the rest of us, we need a plan that can adapt and evolve with real life. Our lives are never totally structured and serene. Living Wellness is raw.

Living Wellness is raw. Raw is reality. Always having the time to cook, get to the gym, or motivate yourself in the morning is a utopia that the majority of us do not live in. Life is unpredictable, wild, it is raw. Living Wellness takes your reality and integrates it into your total wellness plan. Raw, optimal nutrition is choosing the most nourishing and the least genetically modified, processed, and packaged food. Optimal nutrition is not about, “is this food good or bad.” Optimal nutrition is about choosing your best option in the given circumstance.

Raw fitness is doing InFIT Workouts that use your own body weight, gravity, and/or balance to strengthen your core muscles that are used every day, workouts for home or at the gym. Having a solid, adaptive workout and nutrition plan is important, but it all means nothing without a mind and spirit uncluttered by insecurity and fear, which develop when we are isolated. This is why we need motivation.

The secret weapon of Living Wellness is motivation. Lack of motivation is the number one killer of lasting health and fitness progress. Motivation in Living Wellness is similar to a tiny snowball; you need to make the decision to change your lifestyle, to be honest and transparent with your support network, and to start the ball rolling with your thoughts and actions. After that, the momentum, efficient and effective workouts, accountability, meal ideas, affirmations, and the proven information in Living Wellness will turn your small snowball of motivation into an avalanche force toward your goals and a healthier you.

So much is missing from the traditional path of fitness. Think about finding your way around in a foreign country, trying to understand road signs. The signs are simply not created for you. This is how many people describe navigating through the plethora of available health and weight loss information. Living Wellness is the guide who comes alongside you, translating the vast amounts of information available into the path that makes sense and gets you to where you, specifically, want to go. If you are ready to start journeying on your wellness path, if you are ready to get healthy, then join the others, like you, and get ready to get InFIT!

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