Ashley Darkenwald, speaker, author, personal trainer

Ashley Darkenwald, MS, CPT, PES, TPI has been a professional in the fitness industry for over a decade. Her passion for health and fitness started as a gymnastics athlete and then coach.  Years ago, one of her first fitness commitments was to exercise every day for just three minutes, and now she has become a nationally-accredited certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, national speaker, award-winning author, mother of two, founder of InFIT, and an Anytime Fitness Franchise owner.  Ashley enjoys leading worship at the WHY church in Elk River, MN. As a motivational powerhouse, Ashley is excited for you to join her on an amazing and positive journey toward exceptional health and fitness.

“Christ is my destination. Wellness is my passion. Because we were created for more than mediocre.”

Christina Zaczkowski, contributor

Christina discovered her passion for a healthy lifestyle when she immigrated to the US in 2010 and met Ashley Darkenwald. Building on the foundation of a Master’s Degree in Education from her studies in her native country Germany, she dove into continuing her education by becoming a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Coach. As a follower of Jesus Christ she was compelled to seek out how a healthy response to the promise of “life abundant” (John 10:10) can look like by being a good steward of the body and soul.

Christina is married to her best friend James.